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Ozzies Juror Bundle

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Content included in this bundle

Hounds of Love
1h 48m Psychological Thriller 2017
1h 29m Comedy 2016
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2014
EMO the Musical
1h 34m Comedy, Musical, LGBTQI, Queer 2016
Love and Love Only
2h 11m Romance, Comedy, Drama 2016
That's Not Me
1h 25m Comedy 2017
The Legend Of Ben Hall
2h 19m Action, Biography, Drama, Western 2017
Crime and Punishment
1h 50m Drama, Crime, Thriller 2016
Lead Me Astray
1h 32m Thriller, Indie, Horror 2015
What If It Works?
1h 35m Comedy, Drama 2017
The Family
1h 38m Documentary 2016

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