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A Second Chance
1h 35m Family 2011
amazing Grace
8 Episodes Family, Kids, Drama
No Worries
1h 32m Drama, Family 1994
Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tail/Tale
1h 11m Animation, Comedy 1987
The Rocket
1h 32m Drama 2013
Mother Fish
1h 32m Drama 2010
7 Episodes Adventure, Wildlife, Travel
Red Dog
1h 32m True Story, Family 2011
Tom Wills
52m Documentary, Drama, Documentaries 2016
1h 35m Family 2015
Return to Nim's Island
1h 30m Family 2013
Arrows of the Thunder Dragon
1h 31m Family, Drama 2015
The Butterfly Tree
1h 37m Drama 2017
Marco Polo Jnr Versus the Red Dragon
1h 20m Animation, Children’s 1972
EMO the Musical
1h 34m Comedy, Musical, LGBTQI, Queer 2016
Red Dog: True Blue
1h 29m Comedy 2015
My Pet Dinosaur
1h 36m Children’s, Family, Fantasy, Adventure 2017
Let the Balloon Go
1h 18m Children's 1976
Yolngu Boy
1h 28m Children's, Adventure 2001
The Man From Snowy River
1h 42m Adventure, Drama, Family 1982
The Man From Snowy River 2
1h 50m Drama, Adventure 1988
Dinosaur Island
1h 23m Children, Family 2014
Jasper Jones
1h 45m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2017
Last Ride
1h 30m Drama 2009
Paper Planes
1h 36m Family 2014
The Kid Stakes
1h 18m Children’s, Comedy 1927

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