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Ernie Dingo - Oondamooroo
53m Arts, Biography, Performance, Documentary 1992
Walk Like Them
7m Art, Biography, Performance, Music 2022
Getting Frank Gehry
59m Art, Architecture, Documentary 2015
The Angels - Live At Narara 1983
47m Art, Music, Performance 1983
The Masters Apprentices
31m Art, Music, Biography, Documentary 2006
Stevie Wright Band - Live 1987
1h 15m Art, Music, Performance 1987
An Enduring Passion
14m Art, Documentary, Painting 2013
BonBons & Roses for Dorothy
54m Arts, Writing, Biography, Documentary 1993
Dean Bowen - Argy Bargy
0m Art, Painting, Sculpture, Biography 2021
Shakespeare Republic
13 Episodes Anthology, Drama, Comedy
George Gittoes - I Witness
55m Art, Painting, Biography, Documentary 1999
The Dream of Perfection
1h 24m Documentary, Architecture, History 2013
James Morrison - The Wizard From Oz
53m Arts, Music, Biography, Documentary 1989
Mao's Last Dancer
1h 57m Drama, Biography, Dance 2009
Meryl Tankard - The Black Swan
56m Dance, Arts, Biography, Documentary 1995
Peter Sculthorpe - There's No Time
55m Arts, Music, Biography, Documentary 1990
Wagner's RING - A Tale Told In Music
4 Episodes Opera, Music, Arts, Documentary
Paul Kelly - Stories of Me
1h 35m Documentary, Biography, Music, Documentaries 2012
Brown & Breen - Sculthorpe, Westlake
15m Music, Arts, Performance 2020
Michael Gow's Away
1h 54m Theatrical, Drama, Arts 2018
Mist of the Perfume River
48m Ozflix Original, Documentary, Biography, Arts 2020
Big In Japan
1h 35m Documentary, Comedy 2018
Blanche d'Alpuget - Wrestling With The Angel
55m Art, Biography, Writing, Documentary 1995
Robert Helpmann - Tales of Helpmann
50m Arts, Dance, Biography, Documentary 1990
Arthur Boyd - Figures In The Landscape
51m Art, Painter, Biography, Documentary 1985
Peter Carey - Beautiful Lies
55m Arts, Writing, Biography, Documentary 1986
Robyn Archer - Lowering The Tone
55m Arts, Biography, Performance, Documentary 1993
Brett Whiteley - Difficult Pleasure
55m Arts, Painting, Biography, Documentary 1989
Ross Edwards - Dance of Nature
52m Arts, Music, Biography, Documentary 1995
Graphic Novels! Melbourne!
1h 12m Documentary, Documentaries 2013
Les Murray - The Daylight Moon
54m Art, Poetry, Biography, Documentary 1992
Now Sound: Melbourne's Listening
2h 14m Documentary, Arts, Music 2018
Journey To Ramingining - Sculthorpe Yidaki
22m Arts, Music, Indigenous 2015
I Am Heath Ledger
1h 30m Documentary 2017
Music To Your Ears
1h 10m Music, Arts, Documentary 2016
The Edge of the Possible
58m Documentary, History, Architecture 1998
Wharf Revue - Celebrating 15 Years
1h 50m Theatre, Comedy, Arts 2016
CSF TCHAIKOVSKY Sextet For Strings Op. 70
17m Arts, Music, Performance 2020
CSF SCHUMANN Piano Quartet Op.47
20m Arts, Music, Performance 2020
Shakespeare Republic
6 Episodes Anthology, Drama, Comedy
1h 23m Documentary, aboriginal, indigenous, Documentaries 2008
FAQ with John Jarratt
0m Biography 2016
FAQ: Deborah Mailman
47m Biography, aboriginal, indigenous 2017
FAQ: Fred Schepisi
1h 28m Biography 2017
The Search for Weng Weng
1h 32m Documentary, Documentaries 2007

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