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Twisted Minds
1h 16m Horror, Thriller 2017
The Hidden
1h 28m Horror 1993
Lurking Woods
1h 13m Horror 2018
Sheborg Massacre
1h 30m Action, Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi 2017
Wake in Fright
1h 48m Drama, Thriller 1971
Hounds of Love
1h 48m Psychological Thriller 2017
1h 59m Biography, Crime, Drama 2011
The Loved Ones
1h 24m Horror, Thriller 2009
There's Something In The Pilliga
1h 22m Horror 2014
1h 20m Horror, Comedy 2018
Van Diemen's Land
1h 44m Biography, Drama, History 2009
1h 39m Horror, Action, Adventure 2007
Black Water
1h 30m Horror, Action, Drama 2007
1h 30m Drama, Horror, Mystery 2015
Red Billabong
1h 53m Adventure 2016
From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl
1h 35m Action, Comedy, Horror 2015
Bullets for the Dead
1h 31m Western, Horror, Zombie 2016
1h 24m Drama, Horror 2015
1h 25m Thriller 2009
Hunting for Shadows
1h 15m Horror 2016
Romper Stomper
1h 28m Drama 1992
Wolf Creek 2
1h 44m Horror 2013
Bad Bush
1h 22m Thriller 2009
54 Days
1h 23m Thriller, Sci-Fi 2014
1h 27m Thriller 2010
Long Weekend
1h 28m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2008
The Gift
1h 48m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 2015
Raven's Cabin
1h 30m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2014
Model Behaviour
1h 30m Action, Thriller 2013
1h 19m Comedy, Horror 2009
Carmilla Hyde
1h 45m Thriller 2010
Johnny Ghost
1h 16m Horror 2011
Turkey Shoot
1h 30m Action, Thriller 2014
You're Not Thinking Straight
1h 24m Romance, Thriller, Queer, LGBTQI 2016
1h 24m Thriller, Romance 2006
Four of a Kind
1h 55m Thriller 2009
John Doe: Vigilante
1h 33m Crime, Thriller 2015
1h 43m Action, Adventure, Horror 2014
1h 15m Mystery, Horror 2013
Charlie's Farm
1h 29m Horror 2014
1h 24m Drama, Horror 2014
Beckoning the Butcher
1h 10m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2014
Coffin Rock
1h 32m Thriller 2009
1h 26m Thriller 2013
1h 7m Horror 1994
The Reef
1h 28m Thriller 2010
Road Train
1h 30m Thriller 2010
1h 30m Thriller 2011
Lead Me Astray
1h 32m Thriller, Indie, Horror 2015
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2014

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