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10 Terrorists
1h 34m Comedy, Indie 2012
11Eleven Project
1h 9m Documentary, Documentaries 2013
1h 35m Drama 2006
33 Postcards
1h 33m Drama 2011
1h 20m Drama, Science Fiction 2012
52 Tuesdays
1h 49m Drama, Queer, LGBTQI 2013
A Month of Sundays
1h 45m Comedy, Drama 2016
A Nation Is Built
46m Drama 1938
A Second Chance
1h 35m Family 2011
Alex & Eve
2h 11m Comedy, Romance 2015
Alvin Purple
1h 35m Comedy 1973
Always Another Dawn
1h 16m Adventure 1949
Animal Kingdom
1h 53m Crime, Drama 2010
Any Questions For Ben?
1h 54m Comedy 2012
1h 24m Drama, Horror 2014
Around the Block
1h 43m Drama 2013
Arrows of the Thunder Dragon
1h 31m Family, Drama 2015
1h 30m Drama, Horror, Mystery 2015
Bad Bush
1h 22m Thriller 2009
Bad Eggs
1h 38m Comedy 2003
1h 51m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2009
1h 23m Documentary, aboriginal, indigenous, Documentaries 2008
Bathing Franky
1h 26m Drama 2012
Beckoning the Butcher
1h 10m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2014
Being Venice
1h 26m Drama 2012
Big Mamma's Boy
1h 36m Comedy 2011
Birth of a Warrior
1h 21m Action, Adventure, Martial Arts 2012
Bitter Art
1h 26m Comedy, Drama 2009
Black & White & Sex
1h 31m Drama 2012
Black Water
1h 30m Horror, Action, Drama 2007
Blind Company
1h 37m Drama 2009
1h 45m Drama 2013
1h 25m Comedy, Music 2006
Bran Nue Dae
1h 25m Comedy, Drama, Musical, aboriginal 2009
Broken Sun
1h 32m War 2008
Cane Toads: The Conquest
1h 24m Comedy 2010
1h 20m Adventure 2013
1h 25m Comedy 1989
Carmilla Hyde
1h 45m Thriller 2010
Centre Place
1h 25m Romantic, Comedy 2012
Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2014
1h 28m Comedy 2009
1h 27m Comedy 2012
Coffin Rock
1h 32m Thriller 2009
1h 38m Crime 2014
1h 32m Comedy 2002
Crime and Punishment
1h 50m Drama, Crime, Thriller 2016
Crooked Business
1h 35m Action, Comedy, Drama 2008
1h 51m Mystery, Thriller 2015
Dealing with Destiny
1h 22m Comedy, Drama 2011
December Boys
1h 44m Drama, Romance 2007
59m Adventure 1931
Diggers in Blighty
1h 14m Adventure 1933
Dinosaur Island
1h 23m Children, Family 2014
1h 36m Drama, Romantic Comedy 2016
1h 33m Drama, Sport, Queer, LGBTQI 2016
Dust Off the Wings
1h 25m Action, Drama, Romance 1997
End of All Things
1h 25m Sci-Fi 2016
1h 36m Sci-Fi 2013
Fat Pizza
1h 36m Comedy, Action 2003
Fatal Honeymoon
1h 34m Drama 2012
1h 40m Drama 2014
1h 45m Thriller 2013
Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tail/Tale
1h 11m Animation, Comedy 1987
Forbidden Ground
1h 35m War 2013
Force of Destiny
1h 32m Drama, Romance 2014
1h 26m Thriller 2013
Four of a Kind
1h 55m Thriller 2009
1h 30m Documentary, Documentaries 2015
1h 25m Thriller 2009
Friendship, Love and Loyalty
1h 24m Drama, Romance, Indigenous 2016
From Parts Unknown: Fight Like a Girl
1h 35m Action, Comedy, Horror 2015
Gayby Baby
1h 25m Documentary, Queer, Documentaries, LGBTQI 2015
1h 24m Thriller, Romance 2006
Girl Clock
1h 24m Romance, Comedy, Romantic Comedy 2010
1h 44m Comedy, Musical, Romance 2013
Good Afternoon
58m Music, Documentary, Documentaries 1971
Gossip Nation
1h 26m Drama 2013
Graphic Novels! Melbourne!
1h 12m Documentary, Documentaries 2013
1h 44m Drama 2011
He Died With A Felafel In His Hand
1h 47m Comedy, Romance 2001
1h 52m Drama 2014
Here I Am
1h 30m Drama, Family 2011
Holidays on the River Yarra
1h 28m Drama 1991
How to be a SexStar
1h 17m Mockumentary 2010
How to Time Travel
1h 31m Comedy, Sci-Fi, Romance 2014
I Am A Girl
1h 28m Documentary, Indigenous, Documentaries 2013
I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer
1h 18m Comedy, Horror 2009
I Love You Too
1h 43m Comedy 2010
1h 24m Drama 2015
In Bob We Trust
1h 42m Documentary, Documentaries 2013
Is This the Real World?
1h 30m Drama 2015
1h 15m Mystery, Horror 2013
1h 15m Action, Comedy 2011
2h 3m Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2006
1h 36m Family, Adventure, Comedy 1997
John Doe: Vigilante
1h 33m Crime, Thriller 2015
Johnny Ghost
1h 16m Horror 2011
Kath & Kimderella
1h 26m Comedy 2002
1h 40m Comedy 2006
King of the Coral Sea
1h 25m Action 1954
1h 32m Action, Drama, War 2006
Kokoda Crescent
1h 23m Drama 1989
Lead Me Astray
1h 32m Thriller, Indie, Horror 2015
Let Me Not
1h 40m Romance, Drama 2007
Locks of Love
1h 50m Drama 2015
Long Weekend
1h 28m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2008
Looking for Grace
1h 40m Drama 2015
1h 22m Drama 2010
Love and Love Only
2h 11m Romance, Comedy, Drama 2016
Love the Beast
1h 32m Documentary, Sport, Documentaries 2009
Mad Max
1h 33m Action, Adventure, Science Fiction 1979
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
1h 35m Action, Science Fiction 1981
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
1h 46m Action, Science Fiction 1985
Mad Max: Fury Road
2h 0m Action, Adventure, Science Fiction 2015
Mao's Last Dancer
1h 57m Drama, Biography, Dance 2009
Marco Polo Jnr Versus the Red Dragon
1h 20m Animation, Children’s 1972
McLean$ Money
1h 29m Comedy, Horror 2015
Me and my Mates Vs The Zombie Apocalypse
1h 29m Comedy, Horror 2015
Men's Group
1h 44m Drama 2008
Metal Skin
1h 55m Action, Drama 1994
Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls
1h 16m Documentary, Documentaries 2012
Model Behaviour
1h 30m Action, Thriller 2013
Mother Fish
1h 32m Drama 2010
Mr Accident
1h 28m Comedy 2000
Muriel's Wedding
1h 41m Comedy, Musical 1994
1h 49m Drama 1978
Nice Package
1h 34m Crime 2016
No Worries
1h 32m Drama, Family 1994
1h 48m Drama 2007
Now Add Honey
1h 40m Comedy 2015
Nude Study
1h 30m Romance, Queer, LGBTQI 2010
Oakie's Outback Adventures
1h 32m Family 2011
1h 35m Family 2015
One Perfect Day
1h 46m Drama 2004
Oz: A Rock and Roll Road Movie
1h 25m Fantasy, Musical, Comedy 1976
Paper Planes
1h 36m Family 2014
Paradise Road
2h 2m Drama 1997
1h 34m Drama, Thriller 2015
Paul Kelly - Stories of Me
1h 35m Documentary, Biography, Music, Documentaries 2012
1h 20m Fantasy, Epic, Experimental 2009
Phar Lap
1h 58m Drama 1983
1h 24m Drama, Horror 2015
Point Of No Return
1h 33m Thriller 1994
1h 37m Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action 2014
1h 19m Comedy, Horror 2009
1h 26m Drama 1991
Pros and Ex Cons
1h 45m Action 2005
Ra Choi
1h 57m Drama 2006
Radio Samurai
1h 17m Comedy 2002
Rangle River
1h 18m Drama 1936
Raven's Cabin
1h 30m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2014
Razzle Dazzle
1h 35m Comedy 2007
Red Billabong
1h 53m Adventure 2016
Red Dog
1h 32m True Story, Family 2011
Redd Inc
1h 30m Horror 2012
1h 24m Comedy 1984
Return to Nim's Island
1h 30m Family 2013
Reverse Runner
1h 22m Comedy 2013
Ricky! The Movie
1h 40m Comedy 2010
1h 43m Action 2014
Rise of the Eco-Warriors
1h 43m Documentary 2013
Road Train
1h 30m Thriller 2010
1h 39m Horror, Action, Adventure 2007
Roly Poly Man
1h 34m Comedy, Sci-Fi 1994
Romper Stomper
1h 28m Drama 1992
Ruben Guthrie
1h 33m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2015
Samson and Delilah
1h 41m Drama, Romance, Aboriginal, Indigenous 2009
Save your Legs!
1h 32m Comedy, Sport 2012
1h 15m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2011
Six Lovers
1h 38m Drama 2012
1h 55m Biography, Drama 1946
Sneezing Baby Panda
1h 26m Adventure, Comedy, Family 2015
1h 59m Biography, Crime, Drama 2011
1h 30m Comedy, Thriller 2015
1h 12m Art House, Drama 2008
1h 30m Comedy 2015
Summer Coda
1h 48m Drama, Romance 2010
1h 23m Psychological, Thriller 2016
Take Away
1h 28m Comedy 2003
Talking Back at Thunder
1h 28m Crime, Drama, Thriller 2014
Tan Lines
1h 36m Drama, LGBTQI, Queer 2007
That Sugar Film
1h 42m Documentary, Documentaries 2015
Ten Canoes
1h 30m Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Aboriginal 2006
The 25th Reich
1h 25m Action, Adventure 2012
The Black Planet
1h 18m Animation, Comedy 1982
The Book of Revelation
1h 58m Mystery, Romance, Thriller 2006
The Castle
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 1997
The Counterpart
1h 15m Action, Adventure, Comedy 2010
The Coven
1h 10m Supernatural, Drama 2006
The Craic
1h 29m Comedy, Biography 1999
The Cup
1h 39m Drama, Sport 2011
The Daughter
1h 36m Drama 2015
The Delinquents
1h 41m Drama, Romance 1989
The Dish
1h 41m Comedy, Drama 2000
The Dream Children
1h 38m Drama 2015
The Garth Method
1h 22m Comedy, Drama 2004
The Gift
1h 48m Horror, Mystery, Thriller 2015
The Glenrowan Affair
1h 10m Action 1951
The Heartbreak Kid
1h 37m Comedy 1993
The Heckler
1h 31m Comedy 2015
The Hero of the Dardanelles
22m Drama, War 1915
The Hunter
1h 40m Adventure, Drama, Thriller 2011
The Independent
1h 24m Drama, Comedy 2008
The Infinite Man
1h 25m Comedy, Sci-Fi 2014
The Island of Nevawuz
48m Animation, Family 1978
The Jammed
1h 29m Drama, Thriller 2007
The Joe Manifesto
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2014
The Kid Stakes
1h 18m Children’s, Comedy 1927
The King is Dead
1h 42m Comedy 2012
The Legend Of Ben Hall
2h 19m Action, Biography, Drama, Western 2017
The Lives We Lead
1h 55m Drama, LGBTQI, Queer 2015
The Loved Ones
1h 24m Horror, Thriller 2009
The Man From Snowy River
1h 42m Adventure, Drama, Family 1982
The Man From Snowy River 2
1h 50m Drama, Adventure 1988
The Odd Angry Shot
1h 32m War, Action, Comedy 1979
The Outlaw Michael Howe
1h 25m History, Drama 2013
The Phantom Treehouse
1h 16m Animation, Children’s, Fantasy 1984
The Reef
1h 28m Thriller 2010
The Rover
1h 43m Action, Thriller 2014
The Search for Weng Weng
1h 32m Documentary, Documentaries 2007
The Silver Brumby
1h 33m Drama, Family 1993
The Square
1h 45m Drama, Crime, Thriller 2008
The Steam-Driven Adventures of Riverboat Bill
1h 15m Children’s, Animation, Fantasy 1986
The Wedding Party
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2010
The Woman Suffers
1h 16m Drama 1918
There's Something In The Pilliga
1h 22m Horror 2014
These Final Hours
1h 27m Drama, Thriller 2013
This Is Roller Derby
1h 22m Documentary, Documentaries 2012
This Little Piggy
1h 30m Drama 2014
1h 43m Action, Adventure, Horror 2014
Thursday's Fictions
52m Fantasy, Drama 2007
Tim Winton's The Turning
3h 0m Drama 2013
1h 20m Horror 2009
Turkey Shoot
1h 30m Action, Thriller 2014
1h 42m Comedy, Romance, Drama 2015
1h 27m Thriller 2010
Van Diemen's Land
1h 44m Biography, Drama, History 2009
1h 30m Thriller 2011
Wake in Fright
1h 48m Drama, Thriller 1971
1h 29m Documentary, Indigenous, Documentaries 2008
Wolf Creek 2
1h 44m Horror 2013
World Peace and a Pony
1h 30m Comedy 2015
1h 30m Crime, Thriller, Drama 2011
You're Not Thinking Straight
1h 24m Romance, Thriller, Queer, LGBTQI 2016

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