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Kurzeme Fortress
10m Drama 2019
15m (Ozflix EXCLUSIVE), Drama, Thriller 2016
The Telegram Man
14m Short, Drama 2011
Shot Clock
7m Comedy 2016
Bonnie the Elephant
4 Episodes Comedy, Adult, Animation
The Last Babushka Doll
15m Drama 2018
Go Fish
12m Drama 2013
The Last Time I Saw You
7m Drama 2019
Hoarder Control
7m Comedy 2017
Q&Amy - The Aussie Edition
10 Episodes Ozflix Original, Talk Show, Lifestyle
Shakespeare Republic
13 Episodes Anthology, Drama, Comedy
Walk Like Them
7m Art, Biography, Performance, Music 2022
10m Comedy 2018
Big and Tall and Hairy
6m Comedy 2019
12m Drama 2017
The Life of Baldrick
7m Drama 2017
Midnight Zero
3m Science Fiction 2019
The Hunt
9m Drama 2018
12m Animation, Comedy 2019
12m Drama 2019
Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island
15m Animation, Documentary 2015
Through the Haze
10m Drama 2018
Drum Wave
10m Psychological, Drama, Thriller 2018
7m Comedy, Drama 2018
Killa Kafe
6 Episodes Comedy, Musical
My Darling Alex
22m Crime, Action 2017
Proceeds of Crime
9m Crime, Horror 2019
10m Comedy 2019
21m LGBTQI, Coming of Age, Drama 2019
The Dinner Party
9m Comedy, Drama 2019
Food Coma
8m Comedy 2018
Green Eyed
15m Drama 2012
For the Love of Cinema
7m Drama, Romance 2017
Locker Room
13m coming of age, drama, Teen 2017
Two Piece
6m Drama, Teen, Coming of Age 2018
Last Breath
9 Episodes Drama
9m Drama 2016
Video Man
5m Documentary 2019
14m Drama 2010
15m Drama 2015
11m Comedy 2012
Beyond the Bubble
7m Comedy 2017
At the End
4m Thriller 2015
Everyone's a Robot
10m Animation, Comedy 2019
4m Comedy 2016
The Woodcutter
10m Horror 2018
Crash Test Divorce
14m Drama 2017
The Skydiver and the Scarecrow
8m Drama 2018
21m Science Fiction 2019
5 Episodes Action
6m Drama 2017
The Casting Couch
5 Episodes comedy
A Girl Needs A Bike
4m Animation, Documentary 2016
Mother's Day
10m Drama 2018
Three Poems
13m Experimental 2014
amazing Grace
8 Episodes Family, Kids, Drama
14m Drama, Family 2018
The Association
34m dark comedy, thriller, drama 2018
The Divorce Case
6m Comedy, Film-Noir 2009
7 Storeys Down
31m Drama 2019
24m Drama 2015
15m Thriller 2019
11m Drama 2017
Hitting Zero: A Legacy
7 Episodes Documentary, Sport
The Hamster King
5m Drama 2018
30m Thriller 2015
Know By Heart
9m Drama 2016
BC Explained
5 Episodes Comedy
Lucky Country
5 Episodes Comedy
7 Episodes Ozflix ORIGINAL, Drama, Comedy
Mountain Brothers
8m Drama 2018
12m Drama 2019
Shakespeare Republic
6 Episodes Anthology, Drama, Comedy
Ring Around A Rosie
6m Drama 2017
The Neon North: Sacrifice
11m Teen, Science Fiction, Drama 2017
Dead Therapy
15m Drama, Thriller 2015
4m Comedy 2011
5m Drama 2018
The Intentions of F. Scott Fitzgerald
17m Crime, Comedy 2017
9m Drama 2019
11m Romance, Drama, Survival, Monster 2010
The Shadow Boxer
13m Drama, Sport 2017
Two Moments In Time
20m Drama, Family, Fantasy 2017
B and E
12m Drama 2018
12m Ozflix Exclusive, Drama 2015
Pizza Deliverance
14m Comedy 2018
The Tea Party
12m Comedy 2012
14m Thriller, Science Fiction 2018
El Western
25m Western, Comedy 2013
11m Western 2018
The Number's Claim
30m Thriller 2017
The Tormentors
17m Drama 2016
I'm An Actor
34m Comedy, Documentary 2018
6m Drama 2018
The Protectors
6m Thriller, Aboriginal, Indigenous 2018
Who's Afraid of the Dark?
12m Comedy 2016
13m Comedy 2012
Little Moments
11m Drama 2014
The Silence In Between
11m Drama 2007
Sissy Boy
12m Drama 2012
The Kiss
20m Drama, Queer, LGBTQI 2017
Tegan The Vegan
5m Comedy 2016
A Girl's Best Friend
9m Drama, Crime, Comedy 2017
Unspoiled By Feminism
11m Romance, Comedy 2016
You Scratched My Car
10m Drama 2019
I'm Here Too
15m Drama 2018
But Honey, You Look Fine
10m Documentary 2018

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