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Arrows of the Thunder Dragon

1h 31m Family, Drama 2015

Set in the 1980s, the story follows brother and sister Kuenphen and Jamyang, raised in a remote Himalayan village in Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ by their Mother and eccentric Grandfather. Tradition dictates that grandfather focuses his strict training on young Kuenphen who has opportunities to further his interests while sister Jamyang is expected to stay at home and follow the womens’ path like her mother. Staying in the village to weave, cook and get married is a fate Jamyang is not willing to accept without a fight. When Kuenphen has to leave the village to take his mother on a 3-day trek to the old castle for medical treatment, Jamyang’s own desire to explore the wider world is awakened. While Kuenphen struggles to fine-tune his skills, Jamyang battles to find any support for the potential abilities she has. As the world beyond the borders of their village though daunting at first becomes more familiar, we learn that change to life as we know it and personal development does not need to mean the death of old traditions and the things we hold dearest. Filmed entirely on location in the breathtaking Himalaya mountains, many of the actors are local highland village people. The ‘ordinary’ current traditional medieval life and death in tiny, isolated Bhutan is extraordinary. This beautiful story from the ancient Buddhist Kingdom that originated the concept of ‘Gross National Happiness’ examines the gentle toughness required to overcome all odds - and win at what means most.


Greg Sneddon


Greg Sneddon


Greg Sneddon


Tshering Dorji





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