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Beckoning the Butcher

1h 10m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2014

Chris Shaw was a rising internet star, he filmed paranormal rituals sourced from the dark recesses of the internet, and posted them on his website to be hungrily consumed by a legion of fans. On the occasion of his final video Chris and 4 friends took to a remote farmhouse to document a macabre ritual known as ‘Beckoning the Butcher’. All who fully participated in the ritual disappeared without trace, leaving only a deeply traumatised survivor and the footage captured on the camera as witness to their demise. Using a combination of footage captured that night along with interviews from family members, detectives and an expert psychic, BECKONING THE BUTCHER attempts to piece together the mystery of that fateful night and determine the truth behind one the most bizarre missing persons cases in Australian history.


Dale Trott


Dale Trott







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