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Behind The Sash "Book Of Life"

43m Reality, Documentary 2020

EPISODE SIX: The ladies head to Gippsland to meet tough but glamorous dairy farmer, Sallie Jones and discuss the mental health issues within the Gippsland farming industry. Whilst the ladies go milking & explore country life, they uncover some devastating stories within local families, before putting on a beautiful soiree in celebration of the courageous farmers.

Co-Founder of Gippsland Jersey, Sallie Jones is a proud mother of 3, from Gippsland Victoria. With a passion to see change brought to the mental well-being of dairy farmers, Sallie is an advocate

The Book Of Life is a joint collaboration between Behind The Sash & Gippslanda, a Gippsland-based quarterly newsletter. This book is a collection of recipes and stories from the farmers, families and residents of Gippsland. All profits from every book purchased are going back into supporting the Gippsland farming community.


Enzo Maisano


Bessie Kay

Executive Producer

Tony Tocasico

Executive Producer

Sofia Gilinas


Daniel Marolla


Samuel Kwong


Aaron Harvey


Acaua Doherty






Cheeky Mac Productions

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