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Behind The Sash "First People"

43m Reality, Documentary 2020


**WARNING - Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander viewers are advised that the following program may contain images and voices of people who have died.

In this episode we travel to Beagle Bay, Western Australia, to meet a powerful Indigenous woman, Tasha McAlpine.

We uncover the staggering issue of youth suicide within the aboriginal communities through the Kimberly and the work that Tasha is doing to bring forth change to this unspoken issue of social injustice within our very own backyard.

Born and raised in the Beagle Bay community on the Dampia Peninsula, Tasha now lives in Perth, Western Australia and is currently studying Early Childhood Education.

This true woman of substance believes that children should receive the education that they need from an early age.

Tasha is a true role model within her community taking a stand against the issue of youth suicide in the aboriginal communities of the Kimberly and has designed a label to help fund the Beagle Bay Community Centre. Tasha hopes to one day open a Trauma Clinic for Youth to escape and reconnect with the land and their roots.

This episode ends with a music video we filmed during our visit to Beagle Bay Community, “The Children Are Not Forgotten” written and performed by Chico Johnson, dedicated to the First Nation peoples.


Bessie Kay


Enzo Maisano

Executive Producer

Tony Tocasico

Executive Producer

Sofia Gilinas

Post-Prod Producer

Aaron Harvey

Prod Co-Ordinator

Alice Toomer

Prod Co-Ord

Scarlett Koehne

Director of Photography

Daniel Marolla


Samuel Kwong


Aaron Harvey


Enzo Maisano


Aaron Harvey


Acaua Doherty

Associate Producer

Lachlan Campbell

Hair Stylist (Rokk Ebony)

Daniella Barca


Dylan Peck

Wardrobe Stylist

Becky Branca

Wardrobe Stylist

Lisa Estepho

Graphic Design

Nathan Hunter






Cheeky Mac

Bonus Content

Behind The Sash poem


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