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Behind The Sash "True Beauty"

43m Reality, Documentary 2020


BEHIND THE SASH follows four powerful women as they travel Australia and abroad to shine a light on issues of injustice while searching for the next MRS AUSTRALIA.

In each episode we travel to one unique location, shine a light on one issue of injustice and discover one glamorous female humanitarian taking a stand.

By the end of the series we will have hand picked 8 powerhouse women to run for Mrs Australia, an event celebrating women on the rise & removing all competition created between women.

“In a meaningful bid to shine the light on heartbreaking stories of injustice and social issues, four former Victorian beauty pageant queens embark on a quest that’s expected to shift the culture of Australian TV for the greater good.” -

Synopsis: Based on the YMCA Music Video Project the ladies head down the coast to Rye to shine a light on the beauty of people with special needs & create a creative music video alongside a new singing Queen Mareshah & Chico Johnson.


Enzo Maisano


Bessie Kay

Executive Producer

Tony Tocasico

Executive Producer

Sofia Gilinas


Daniel Marolla


Samuel Kwong


Aaron Harvey


Acaua Doherty






Cheeky Mac Productions

Bonus Content

Danielle's poem


Danielle’s poem

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