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Birth of a Warrior

1h 21m Action, Adventure, Martial Arts 2012

Abandoned by a shrouded woman on the steps of a peaceful temple, a baby is taken in by the monks who dwell there. Named White, the child grows into a man learning the ways of the temple - cooking, meditation, Kung Fu - under the careful eye of Master Tenzin. Ten years pass and an orphan girl, Sierra, is taken in by the temple. As time passes, a friendship blooms between the young students of Master Tenzin. Years later White and his training brother Jamyang hear a commotion while walking on the Temple grounds. A gang of thieves snuck into the Temple and attacked Master Tenzin, stealing an ancient and powerful secret the monks have protected for centuries, the Chenresig Statue, as well as kidnapping Sierra! As White holds his dying master in his arms, he swears to return both to their rightful place, no matter the cost. White’s Kung Fu skills are put to the test as he faces the outside world for the first time, and must battle everyone in his way to find the gang of thieves, and rescue Sierra and the Chenresig Statue.


Gordon Waddell


Frank Parini


Ross Parini


Anthony Salamon





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