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Blanche d'Alpuget - Wrestling With The Angel

55m Art, Biography, Writing, Documentary 1995

An exploration of the life of Blanche d’Alpuget, well-known Australian author.

At the beginning of this documentary Blanche d’Alpuget reveals that for her, writing is like Jacob’s “struggle with the angel” - a search for truth, for oneself.

“I re-read passages from the Bible quite often. One of my favourites is from Genesis. It says, “And Jacob was left alone and a man wrestled with him until the breaking of the day.” It sounds boring, but it’s the wrestle with the angel, and the breaking of the day is the awakening of consciousness. That is my guiding light; you have to keep wrestling with the angel, your spiritual nature, until it reveals the higher truths”.- Blanche D’Alpuget

Film includes illuminating interviews with Blanche and dramatisations from her novels including ‘Turtle Beach’, ‘Monkey’s in the Dark’, ‘Winter in Jerusalem’ and ‘White Eye’.

The film also sees her at work, conducting a service as a priest and relaxing with her partner, and former Australian Prime Minister, the late Bob Hawke.


Don Featherstone


Don Featherstone


Peter Kaldor


Andrea Stretton

Director of Photography

Paul Ree






Don Featherstone Productions

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