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Broken Sun

1h 32m War 2008

WWI veteran Jack lives a solitary isolated existence struggling to come to terms with life after the war and haunted by memories of the horror and bloodshed of the trenches. His only company is the ghost of a long-dead friend until his insular existence is shattered by the unexpected arrival of Masaru an escaped and desperate Japanese POW. Jack’s disturbing past is flung into the here-and-now as the shocking events of this new war are thrust into his world triggering flashbacks to the pain and destruction of the blood-soaked fields of Flanders. But together the two men from different cultures and continents discover common ground and form an uneasy yet heartfelt bond sealed by fear hope and the need to survive in a world fraught with peril. Broken Sun is a shocking brutal and tragic insight into the terrible hardships of war and the strength bravery and honour of those who fight it and live to bear its consequences.


Brad Haynes


Dacre Tims


Brad Haynes


Sascha Huckstepp







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