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1h 25m Comedy 1989

Cappuccino is a contemporary, urban comedy set in amongst the bars and cafes of Sydney. Told through the eyes of Max (an out-of-work actor who drives cabs and yearns to be a stand-up comedian) his story involves the lives of five friends – all actors and all striving for that elusive dream. For some it’s fame, for others just a chance to work! The film is about their ups and downs, their tensions, needs, egos and more importantly their friendship. We met Anna, her love for the theatre clearly giving her a false sense of superiority. Larry, a recognizable soap star with a ready pen for anybody’s autograph book and Maggie – an actress constantly ruining her screen-tests and falling for the wrong men. Finally, into the picture comes Celia. This passionate and volatile girl is out for the main chance and after using Max’s affection places him in the danger of a corrupt policeman’s greed. The trouble begins when Max finds an attaché case belonging to a passenger named Bollinger, a cop with a little blackmailing racket involving sex tapes of prominent citizens. Max’s unfortunate involvement is only the start of his life going horribly wrong. In an attempt to advance her fortune and career, Celia steals the sex tape, leaves Max and beds-down with his actor-friend Larry, who has promised her a part in his TV show. Bad cop Bollinger, believing that Max is still in possession of the explicit material, pursues him and manages an arrest on a charge of unpaid parking fines – all generated by Max’s ex-girlfriend, Celia. Unable to beat the system, Max ends up doing a stretch in prison. It is from within his cell we reveal where Max has been telling us his story. Using his “stand-up” routine he skillfully entertains the inmates by weaving himself into the many layers of surprise and intrigue…


Antony J. Bowman


Antony J. Bowman


Sue Wild





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