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Crooked Business

1h 35m Action, Comedy, Drama 2008

Crooked Business is a fast-paced comedy of errors, set on the glitzy Gold Coast. Two likeable crooks find themselves in a corner that’s going to take all their street smarts to get out of - because “If you’re gonna do crooked business, you’ve gotta do it straight. Small time hustler Elmo, and his best mate ‘Stand-up’ Stevie are just a couple of knockabouts trying to make an easy buck. They’re not exactly criminals but then again they’re not mugs either. They just like to have a few of life’s little luxuries now and then. Life is sweet until Stevie finds himself in hot water for selling a dodgy watch to Biker Russian Tony. You see, Stevie never did understand the rules of crooked business. From the writer of “Gettin’ Square”


Chris Nyst


Chris Nyst


Scott Corfield





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