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For Her Eyes Only

1h 22m Documentary 1985

Revealed for the first time, the naked truth about male strippers in Australia.

Near drunk waiters nimbly dodge lunging grasps and pinching feminine fingers. The lights dim, a driving beat fills the air and a stunning figure bursts onto the stage, resplendent in skin-tight leathers. His flashing rawhide whip cracks and wild exultant cries greet his first urgent, thrusting movements. The show has begun.

An incredible phenomenon until now forbidden to men, but seen by half a million Australian women. Male strippers bare all and reveal with savage honesty why they do it and who they really are.


“Nine years before Pricilla weaved male strippers into our cultural fabric, For Her Eyes Only provides a fabulous peek behind the curtains of 1980s Melbourne.

With the dialogues we as a culture are having about gender and sexuality, this seems genuinely ahead of its time. With men as the objects of sexual desire and women giving into every bacchanalian vice, traditional gender roles as well as garments are stripped away in a haze of cigarette smoke and second wave feminism.

More interesting still is the pitch perfect snapshot of a unique moment in our recent history. When Australia came of age in the gluttonous excess of the 1980s: bright colours and big hair. The garish midpoint between the sexual revolution and internet porn.

This fun, loud and titilating documentary has the energy of a gin-soaked night out with friends. Fantastic as a film but priceless as a cultural artefact.” - Simon Storey, Film Blerg

“For Her Eyes Only is a seminal work of high visual and aural art, which captures the Zeitgeist of the 80’s. A diverse range of talented performers strut their stuff and show ‘their all’ in a whirlwind of hedonistic mayhem.

Compelling personal insights into the fascinating scene of the first male strippers in Australia.

Highly recommended.David King, Filmmaker, Video Artist & Film Festival Curator.


Brian Jones


Brian Jones


John Ruane






Brookvale Productions

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