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Go Fish

12m Drama 2013

Sam loves fishing with his father, but it is revealed Sam accidentally killed his father in a boating accident. He spends his school afternoons upon the roof of his school sports shed, fishing for his father. Traumatized, grief stricken and guilty he emotionally shuts down. Closing himself off from the outside world he becomes a serious target of school bullying. He hides his physical scares of a horribly disfigured head beneath an old warn out beanie until one day he is pushed to far. In a fit of hysteria and an explosion of grief and suffering Sam reveals his disfiguring head injury to the tormenting bullies. Jess, a girl from school watches on struggling to understand Sam. She decides to finally befriend Sam by taking a place beside him on the school shed roof each day with her own make shift fishing rod. Ending on the theme, through friendship there is hope and maybe even salvation.


Kristin Sargent


Cara Burgio

Executive Producer

John Caldwell


William Sheridan

Sound Designer

Paul Baxter



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