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Good Afternoon

58m Music, Documentary, Documentaries 1971

Contemporary filmmakers described Good Afternoon as “A multiple screen, colour recreation of the incredible eight-day Aquarius Arts Festival held in Canberra, 1971. A radical new departure in documentary filmmaking; two screens bursting with pulsating images overpowering the mind as 10,000 young people and performers do their own thing amidst the antiseptic environment that is our capital city. Australia’s counter-culture at work and play. An important social document.” (Filmmakers Co-operatives Catalogue of Independent Film 19756)

Other early works include: MEMORIES - Flames in a fireplace and smoke in the bush; HOME - A single frame camera exploration of the home, inside and out; SUN - The beautiful pulsating winter sun discovered by a single frame camera; INTERSECTION - 360 degrees of action at a traffic intersection; FINKS MAKE MOVIES - The infamous Finks bikie gang shoot their latest 8mm movie epic; RENEGADES: Fragments from a Diary of Three Years’ Experience 1970 – 1973 - Street performance, the Vietnam Moratorium and the Odyssey Pop Festival.

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Phil Noyce


Phillip Noyce







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