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Making Venus

1h 10m Documentary, Behind The Scenes 2003

Making Venus is a rollercoaster ride through the world of independent filmmaking. From preproduction to the very end, the film documents the independent production of the ill-fated Venus Factory over 5 years, as the production and budget spiral out of control.

This ‘unmaking’ of documentary is a must for anybody remotely interested in filmmaking, or for anybody who’s ever slowed past a car crash looking for blood.

Winner of the 2002 Film Critics Circle - Documentary Jury Prize, Inside Film - Independent Spirit Award and Fipresci ’Mention Spèciale’ at the Sydney Film Festival.

“Making Venus records, in exquisitely painful detail, the worst things that can happen when people set out to make an under-budgeted, ill-prepared film. The tragedy of the whole doomed exercise is made more terrible because the documentary is so entertaining. The worse things get for the feature film, the better the documentary becomes. Producer Tom Zubrycki’s credits include Molly and Mobarak, The Diplomat, Exile in Sarajevo and Billal.” Damien Parer


Gary Doust


Gary Doust


Tom Zubrycki


Gary Doust






Ronin Films

Bonus Content

Deleted Scenes


A compile of the Deleted Scenes of “Making Venus”

Popcorn Taxi Q&A


A Q&A with Director Gary Doust on the occasion of the Popcorn Taxi screening of “Making Venus” in 2002.

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