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Model Behaviour

1h 30m Action, Thriller 2013

Jordan Rhodes is an honest detective investigating the heinous murder of a leading talent agent. As he delves into a melting pot of beauty, ego and violence, the stakes are raised when the killer distributes horrific crime-scene photographs to the press, thrusting a reluctant Jordan into the spotlight in a city where everybody wants to be famous. Suspicion is immediately thrown onto statuesque model Alexis Clarke, an up-and-coming beauty with a blunt tongue and desire for success. But in an industry where everyone wants to get ahead, everyone has a motive and everyone has a suspect. As young models begin to fall victim to appalling deaths, Jordan discovers that no-one, not even himself, is demonstrating model behaviour. He must deal with the mounting public pressure and consider the unique possibility that the serial killer he hunts is not only female, but also has an ultimate goal - infamy. But how far will they go to achieve it? And how far will Jordan go to stop it?


Nathan Hill


Nick Levy


Nathan Hill


Stewart Marshall





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