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Peter Sculthorpe - There's No Time

55m Arts, Music, Biography, Documentary 1990

Peter Sculthorpe, the acclaimed Sydney based composer, began composing at the family piano at the age of eight. Many of those early pieces are included in the documentary, but his major compositions are at the centre of the film.

Sculthorpe talks about his childhood, friendships and the love of his country, all influences that were instrumental in him composing music that is unique to Australia.

Originally broadcast as part of the Creative Spirits series on ABC TV.

“Entertaining and informative…worth a look” The Canberra Times

“A rare glimpse of a composer at work…an affectionate filmic biography” Melb Herald


Don Featherstone


Patrick Taggart


Pieter De Vries

Associate Producer

Martin Guinness


Peter Sculthorpe






Don Featherstone Collection

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