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12m Animation, Comedy 2019

In an industry obsessed with the superficial, it’s not easy being an aging movie star. It’s even harder when you’re also a stop-motion animated skeleton monster.

Phil used to be a cutting-edge special effect. As a stop-motion animated skeleton from the 1960s, modern movie studios just aren’t hiring him to star in blockbusters anymore. Refusing to succumb to his own irrelevance, Phil takes drastic measures when he learns the film for which he was created is being rebooted without him.

Writer/Director Michael Shanks draws upon the history of Hollywood special effects and combines them in the same frame within this satire of modern cinema.

Featuring characters realised via stop-motion, animatronics, 2D-animation, CGI and live action, the film is a visual feast reflecting upon legacy, obsolescence and how it feels to move at a different frame rate to the rest of the world.

*Winner - Best Australian Animation Award at Flickerfest (2020) *Nominee - Best Short Film at Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards (2019)


Michael Shanks


Nicholas Colla


Chris Hocking


Kevin Luk


Chris Hocking

Stop Motion Animator / Pupper Builder

Samuel Lewis

Director of Photography (Animation)

Gerald Thompson

Director of Photography (Live Action)

Max Walter

Production Designer

Rennie Watson

Costume Design

Chloe Greaves





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