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1h 24m Comedy 1984

“Outstandingly natural in its portrayal of people and their reactions to each other…” quotes Judith Whelan from the Sydney Morning Herald. “Relatives get the little things right, and the rest follows… the drama is subtle and understated… No cuteness here!”

Pinefall Homestead - heritage of the once ‘great’ Southerly family, is the arena for a family reunion. A setting in Australian pioneer history… four generations… squattocracy! Uncle Geoffrey, Grandfather’s eldest son and the only remaining family member living on the property, has organized this day, proposing to celebrate the 80th birthday of Grandfather Southerly. As the day unfolds and the party gets underway, the family unit jockeys for position as the various members assert their egos. Only those ‘unexpected’ events in a day such as this could keep up with what each family member has in store. It soon becomes obvious that all have come prepared to make an announcement important to themselves alone - much to the irritation, dismay or disgust of the others. After Uncle Ed has announced that he is going to leave the Parish and join P&O as a ship’s chaplain… daughter Clare reveals her decision to leave Australia and live with her foreign boyfriend in Europe (of which his arrival at Pinefall was a complete surprise)… Clare’s brother Ross proclaims that he is quitting university to live an alternative lifestyle in North Queensland… Cousin Catherine and Uncle Alfred attempt to bring their passionate affair to fruition in the hay shed; it is finally Uncle Geoffrey who drops the largest bombshell! “Relatives” is an ironic insight into a family attempting to survive in the 1980’s.


Antony J. Bowman


Henri Safran


Basil Appleby







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