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Romper Stomper

1h 28m Drama 1992

“Controversial and unfairly maligned on its release, Geoffrey Wright’s riveting portrait of a gang of Footscray skinheads is as considered as it is confronting, although its almost anthropological detachment from the characters’ tribal brutality and mindless racism made it too hot for some audiences to handle.” - Tom Ryan, Sunday Age review

Hando is a member of a gang of racist skinheads who lash out with violence against the growing number of Asian immigrants settling in the country. While Hando and his partner Davey lead a bunch of brutal, half-bright thugs, they have convinced themselves that what they do is the noble work of saving Australia for Australians (or at least the white Australians who drove the aborigines into the outback). Into this milieu comes Gabe, a troubled young woman who suffers from epilepsy and was raised in a sexually abusive environment. Gabe becomes something of a gang moll, dividing her time (and her sexual favours) between Hando and Davey, generating considerable tension between them. When the gang’s favourite bar is purchased by a group of Vietnamese immigrants, Hando and Davey organize an all-out attack, little imagining that the Asians are ready and able to defend themselves.


Geoffrey Wright


Ian Pringle


Daniel Scharf






Roadshow Films

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