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14m Thriller, Science Fiction 2018

The Earth lies in ruins, decimated and depleted of it’s resources. Alien invaders have wiped out all resistance except for a small group of survivors taking shelter in a hidden military bunker Led by Noah, a former Delta Force Soldier. With bio-tech genetically fused to their skulls to breath the poisoned air, they comb the streets for survivors on a daily basis.

On a routine scout, Noah and Molly stumble across an alien patrol and carefully observe from a distance. A small battle erupts and they manage to kill one of the Aliens and get it back to science wing of the bunker for an autopsy and uncover a secret that has kept the alien invaders one step ahead.

The human resistance prepares for a confrontation that could change the tide of the war and begin a process of reclaiming the Earth, but the Aliens are still one step ahead.


Johan Earl


Johan Earl

Director of Photography

Tom Gleeson


Jason Fernandez


Lucy Wolfman





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