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The Dream of Perfection

1h 24m Documentary, Architecture, History 2013

The Dream of Perfection is as extraordinary as its provocative subject matter, the dramatic story of the building of the Sydney Opera House, culminating in Utzon’s departure from the project.

Director John Weiley was commissioned in 1968 to make the documentary Autopsy on a Dream by then BBC2 controller David Attenborough, and following its only screening on the BBC, it was destroyed – literally chopped to pieces on the chopping block.

Miraculously, a mute print of Autopsy on a Dream was rediscovered in an ABC vault recently, and has now been restored with sound saved by John Weiley, and with a new prologue.

The film features interviews with David Attenborough, Jan Utzon, Lin Utzon, and Richard Neville.


John Weiley


John Weiley


John Weiley






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Bonus Content

Corb and Utzons untold collaboration


A new film tells the story of how Jørn Utzon asked Le Corbusier to design a tapestry for the Sydney Opera House - and why it took 57 years to install.

Source: Sydney Opera House Song: Valiant Artist: Alex Arcoleo Album: anw1968 - Simple Pleasures

Bjarke Ingels on Jorn Utzon


The renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels here expresses his admiration of what he considers the most recognizable building in the world, designed by his peer Jørn Utzon, who would have turned 100 in 2018: “To me, the Sydney Opera is probably the ultimate building.”

Building an Icon


45 years after its completion, we look back at the fascinating construction story behind one of the world’s most iconic buildings, the Sydney Opera House.

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