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The Odd Angry Shot

1h 32m War, Action, Comedy 1979

Harry, a hard-edged Special Air Service Corporal, meets a new company of soldiers during his second tour in Vietnam. There’s the naïve Bill, the easy-going Bung, the blunt Rogers, the pragmatic Dawson, and the youthful and innocent Scott. Because of their training as professional soldiers from Australia’s toughest Army unit, these men believe they can deal with any situation. They pass the time playing practical jokes, getting into drunken brawls and humouring themselves to keep their minds off the war. But, when the first “odd angry shot” rings out, and an enemy mortar barrage hits their camp causing many casualties, the men realize their protective shield of humour is no defence at all against the harsh realities of armed combat.


Tom Jeffrey


Tom Jeffrey


Tom Jeffrey


Sue Milliken






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