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The Protectors

6m Thriller, Aboriginal, Indigenous 2018

Thomas, an Aboriginal man is arrested and held in a local town jail holding cell as he awaits trial accused of double murder. While he waits in the cell he is visited by big shot cop Joe Marshall who takes Thomas to the crime scene in hopes to help him piece together the events that occurred prior to his arrest.

It is there at the crime scene Thomas starts to become suspicions when Joe starts to ask questions about an Aboriginal sacred site located deep within the forest which is supposed to be a place of great value.

Joe, convinced that he has total control of the situation, tries to motivate Thomas by offering a plea bargain in exchange for the location of the sacred site. When Thomas declines the offer Joe starts to become aggressive, threatening Thomas’s wellbeing, but little does he know Thomas is being watched and protected by spirits.   


Thibul Nettle


Thibul Nettle


Tess O'Flaherty

Director of Photography

David Gregan

Executive Producer

Julie Byrne


Quentin Eyers





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