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The Search for Weng Weng

1h 32m Documentary, Documentaries 2007

Almost a decade ago Australian trash cinema aficionado Andrew Leavold set off to the Philippines to uncover the true story behind his cinema obsession, a 2 foot 9, Filipino James Bond, the enigmatic Weng Weng. Over several visits to the Philippines, Leavold manages to piece together Weng Wengs incredible story - packed with pathos, humour and tragedy, whilst at the same time lifting the lid on one of the most extraordinary and bizarre national cinemas on the planet, this is an unforgettable expose of all that is great (and wrong) about the movie business. With a cast full of eccentric characters, from directors, producers, actors, stuntmen to the outrageous Imelda Marcos herself, this is a remarkable journey deep into the eye of Asia’s B-cinema tiger! Like us, you will come to love the man that history almost forgot, the amazing Weng Weng!


Andrew Leavold


Daniel Palisa


Andrew Leavold


Daniel Palisa






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