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Walk Like Them

7m Art, Biography, Performance, Music 2022

Mugzy had to fight through his adolescent years. Struggling with deep internal stress, he found inspiration in Eminem after his first encounter with Hip-Hop when he heard the song ‘The Way I Am’. Mugzy felt that he could strongly relate to the lyrics in Eminem’s songs and began to change his image to be a true representative of the Hip-Hop culture.

As he developed his style and studied Hip-Hop, he found further inspiration from the legends: 2 Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, DMX, & searched further into the roots of Hip-Hop to re-discover artists like Public Enemy, NWA & Nas. Drawing inspiration from the masters of Hip-Hop & armed with the knowledge earnt through years of hardship, Mugzy’s rap speaks of truth. A raw truth. A truth that will resound with teenagers that have had to endure self doubt & lack of confidence.

Mugzy emerged from the shadow through Hip-Hop & found a way to express himself through his music by embracing the culture. Mugzy’s style is a blend of grit, raw lyrics, aggression and abrasiveness.

Based north of Sydney, Mugzy will not shy away from any challenge to perform on any stage. There are a lot of performers in the scene that prefer to stay in closed groups, but Mugzy is open to collaboration with all artists that are fighting for their dream & are willing to have a go in a spirit of mutual respect. You can expect Mugzy to continue representing the Hip-Hop Culture, never backing away from any challenge well into the future.




Mungo McConachie


Faraaz Rahman

Director of Photography

Albin Simonsson


Mugzy Brady






Sydney Film School

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