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Abandoned Season 1

5 Episodes Action

Twenty years ago a small cluster of asteroids collided with earth. Fortunately, just as evolution has proven time and time again, nature always finds a way to adapt and now Earth’s next generation are showing genetic mutations and an immunity to the toxin. These Newborns are much stronger and faster than anyone before them. But this also makes them greatly feared and hunted.


Episode 1


Faced with enemies in all directions, Madison, Russell and Hiroshi must fight their way to survival.

Episode 2


Russell and Sarah are faced with what to do after they find out young Madison has an extraordinary condition.

Episode 3


Mercenaries have taken over the village. Madison and her mother must escape before they find out what Madison is capable of.

Episode 4


Madison is at her lowest low point, until she meets Cain. He is charming and handsome but can he be trusted?

Episode 5


Madison and Cain get to know each other more and more. She wants to tell him her secret but doesn’t know how he will react.

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