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amazing Grace Season 1

8 Episodes Family, Kids, Drama


Julie Money


Grace Truman


Julie Money


Julie Money

Director of Photography

Tony Gardiner ACS


Russell Bacon ACS


Bus Trip Home


Grace’s Mum is caught up in a meeting at work and is unable to pick Grace up from school. Grace has to catch the bus home for the first time. It is a rite of passage. It doesn’t go very well. Grace is distracted and gets lost. Her Dad helps her get through it with his stories and support, ensuring Grace makes it home safely, though very hungry.

Text Message


Grace starts her day to find her friends have already picking on one of their group in a series of text messages. They are hounding Grace to join in, with repeated and escalating texts. Grace feels conflicted and takes a breather to contemplate what is happening. Her Dad is there to listen and offer suggestions. Grace arrives at school and has decided not to be one of the pack but to be a true friend to the girl being excluded.

The Dare


A fun Birthday party in the park becomes confronting for Grace when she is caught up in a game of Truth or Dare. She is dared to jump into the harbour. Not wanting to look like a loser, but really not liking the prospect of jumping in, her Dad tests the water. He offers support but ultimately she has to choose whether to give in to peer pressure or step away.



Grace enjoys time with her friends but she is not great at Sleepovers. On this occasion she feels incredibly homesick. She can’t get to sleep and disengages with her friends, and decides to sleep in the bathroom. As she explains to her Dad she just wants to go home and sleep in her own bed. With her Dad’s encouragement, she returns to her friends and makes it through the sleepover, having slept soundly.



It’s the day of the school talent quest. Grace is planning to sing, but is overcome with nerves. Waiting backstage she is almost ready to give up, when her Dad appears offering a range of his best advice for curing stage fright, some of which is better than others. Ultimately he is able to make her laugh and take her mind off her fears. She is able to step onstage and have to go.

Lost Phone


Grace is at home, doing her homework when the house phone rings. It’s her Mum. Grace’s mobile phone was going straight to voicemail. Relieved she is safe Grace’s Mum tells her she will be home soon. Grace goes to get her phone out of her backpack. It is not there. It is nowhere to be found. What will she tell her Mum? How will her Mum react? Grace is incredibly frustrated with herself. Her Dad consoles her with his usual comedic advice and eventually the phone is found, where she left it.



What should and shouldn’t you eat? Grace is trying to be healthy and decides to make an egg white omelette for lunch for her Mum as a treat. But, after two attempts all that she has made is a mess. Dad was a fantastic cook and loved food. When he sees what she is cooking he is surprised and confused. He tries to suggest that she go in a different direction, make something that actually has flavour. Mum arrives, and they make lunch together – one of her Dad’s favourite

Father's Day


Father’s Day, that annual date on the calendar where Dads are celebrated. Weeks of lead up, attention, advertising for this special day. How does Grace deal with this – it focuses more attention on her loss, makes her feel helpless and like she stands out, something she really hates. Dad’s advice – remember me and celebrate me.

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