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Blind Season 1

7 Episodes Ozflix ORIGINAL, Drama, Comedy

Through the minefield of a summer’s worth of partying, we follow the idealistic space cadet Ali in pursuit of his dream girl: the hypnotic and insightful Chelsea. For Ali friendship is eternal, music is emotion, drugs are life-enhancers, and love is pure and poetic. However he is about to find out how finite and fickle these conceptions are. Between his cynical best friend Jake, the off-his-lips party-animal Yogi and the heart-on-her-sleeve wild child Stacey, Ali tries to make sense of life, believing the answer is Chelsea. But like the high they are all so wrapped up in, these naïve preconceptions will eventually come crashing down. 

Executive Producer

James Cripps


Jessica Giacco


James Cripps


Sidat De Silva

Production Designer

Kendi Pascoe


Caitlin Lee


Michael Yezerski


James Shuar

Sound Design

John Hresc


Masculin Féminin


After dragging an unconscious Yogi back to the Sweaty Bender Room, Ali is suddenly confronted by the impending return of his dream girl, Chelsea.



Ali learns that Chelsea got “fucked” while in India and Stacey debates how best to apologise to Chelsea after previously vomiting on her and punching her in the face.

Damned If I Do, Bored If I Don't


Ali decides to make a move with Chelsea. But can he build up the courage before she slips into a K-hole?

Benders, Blowjobs and Bobsleds


Ali finally reaches a new level of connection with Chelsea until the harmony of the group is thrown into disarray when Ali’s dad enters…

The Jenga Lord and the Misogynist


Chelsea makes a move on Ali; Jake pushes Stacey to breaking point; and Yogi has a meltdown.



Jake confronts Chelsea about her intentions with Ali; Chelsea confronts Jake about his feelings for Stacey; and Yogi challenges Ali to define his relationship with Chelsea.

Sputnik Sweetheart


With summer drawing to a close, Chelsea announces she is leaving, breaking Ali’s heart and leaving Jake to pick up the pieces.

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