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Killa Kafe Season 1

6 Episodes Comedy, Musical


Tara Jay


JD Cohen


Tara Jay

Director of Photography

Daniel Lyons


Episode 1


We are introduced to our colorful cast: Priscilla, the cheerful boss of Killa Kafe with an exotic menu of coffees and kills; Road Rage Guy; her most loyal customer; and Jane Doe, a newcomer who decides it’s time for a pre-emptive promotion at work.

Episode 2


Wanting to give back to the community Priscilla opens her doors to one lucky Work Experience candidate. She takes a liking to Morta, a morbid mortician wanna-be who is being failed by a prejudiced teacher. Inspired by Morta’s monetary misery, Priscilla adds student discounts and loans to those looking to topple the top of their class.

Episode 3


Priscilla unveils a service offered by Killa Kafe: Pre Murder Counselling. In a bid to combat Post Murder Sadness, Priscilla spends her time helping customers consolidate just why they want their near and dear knocked off.

Episode 4


Priscilla decides to join the environmentally friendly movement. The perfect opportunity arrives when Jane Doe’s favorite park is being turned into a Glamping spot. Luckily Priscilla has just the right person to frame.

Episode 5


As Priscilla shows off her bid to host the most prestigious killer convention, “Killa Kon” to the gang, she is interrupted by an unexpected visit from the real boss of the cafe who is unaware she has turned the business into a chop shop. To make matters worse she discovers that the honor of hosting Killa Kon has been given to a startup company which has opened shop across the street.

Episode 6


Priscilla’s ex is the culprit who has opened up shop across the street. Not only has he taken away HER Killa Kon, he just keeps rubbing it in that she could never seem to kill him. But with her faithful gang in tow they develop an elaborate plan to finally execute the ex.

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