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Outback Brothers Season 1

6 Episodes Adventure, Environment, Outback


Episode 1


SYNOPSIS: We meet the Outback Brothers: Dan, Tom and Ben Falzon. Together with their father Joey, they embark on an inspiring adventure to one of the most hostile environments in the world: Outback Australia.

It won’t be easy but their love of nature, adventure and vision to help the planet and build a sanctuary to combat climate change knows no bounds.

In order to keep the dream alive, the Outback Brothers supplement their income working as paramedics and are confronted by an undercurrent of violence and despair that plagues their new home town in the Northern Territory.

Nonetheless, all three brothers find love in the rugged outback and they are ready to hang on for the ride of their life.

Episode 2


SYNOPSIS: When they first arrive on their desert property, the brothers take over a rundown rustic homestead and their plan to convert it into a earth sanctuary slowly takes shape.

The renovation forces all three boys outside to sleep under the incredible outback stars and they are introduced to a ‘swag’, otherwise known as an Aussie bedroll, kicking off an unforgettable celestial adventure that sees them spending every night under the stars for the next 10 years.

As our Outback Brothers settle further into life in the outback, the time comes for both Tom and Dan to put a roof over their families heads. With little funds, they explore ways to build sustainably and come up with some incredible eco-friendly dwellings.

Although their paramedical work continues to be dangerous, it’s still paying the way for their eco tourism business: Earth Sanctuary.

With the business starting to show some real promise, the boys decide that brewing their own beer might help them take things to the next level. They seek out advice from the locals on adding some bush tucker ingredients.

Episode 3


SYNOPSIS: The Earth Sanctuary education tours start to gain traction but finances are still tight and now two of the boys have children to worry about. A decision to expand the dinner programs as well as running wedding events takes huge commitment. The extra income is helpful but at what cost?

The boys struggle with time management and fear they are losing focus on the bigger issue of ongoing climate change. Paramedical work is not slowing down and is adding to the pressure of growing the business and finding a good work/life balance.

Adding to the drama, Dan makes an emergency call to his mate Rex to come and remove a snake from the kids’ play pen.

Episode 4


SYNOPSIS: Dan and Alana start the day with a majestic balloon flight over Alice.

The Earth Sanctuary is firing on all cylinders now but there are some troubling events happening in Alice Springs with the youth.

The boys paramedic friend Janna, aka ‘Spanner’, invites Dan to help out with Bush Mob, an organisation committed to reforming young people.

Later at the Sanctuary, our Outback Brothers host some very talented drummer girls who come over to jam with the boys while Joey cooks them a local treat.

Episode 5


SYNOPSIS: It’s time for the Earth Sanctuary to get some major upgrades, the boys have a bold plan to get off the grid entirely while Tom endeavors to build a full blown Space Observatory.

If he can pull it off, it will be the largest privately owned scope in the Northern Territory.  

But all of this is put on hold when their mate Adam aka ‘Booga’ turns up and tells them he’s entered them into the famous Henley on Todd River Regatta.

Episode 6


SYNOPSIS: Older brother Ben’s life as a FIFO (fly in fly out) worker comes to head as he travels to his second home in Mossiface, Victoria, to be with fiancé Michelle who is now living there permanently. The time has come for Ben make a decision about where home is going to be. 

When he returns to Alice Springs, his brothers have a surprise buck’s night planned at the camel races near Uluru. They crack open the first bottles of their brew and celebrate before heading off to the centre of Australia.

Time escapes the boys and they are forced to make a late dash through the desert to try and get Ben back in time for his wedding.

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